What is mezky?

We have worked hard to bring together various complimentary expressions of agave distillate and age them in fine quality white oak Islay malt whisky quarter casks. The result is a harmonious balance between two worlds of ancient smoky spirit production.

More on mezcal & agave distillates and the barrels we use…

Mezcal is an artisanal spirit produced from a range of different types of agave that must be produced and bottled in specific regions of Mexico, most typically in the Oaxaca area. To be classified as mezcal, it must be bottled by approved producers within these regions, otherwise – much like cava is to champagne – it must be legally classified as an agave distillate.

There are many dozens of types of agave used and different processes to achieve the results, based on traditional methods of production that date back as far as 500 years ago. Part of the process involved with producing many mezcals and agave distillates involves slow cooking the agave pinas over an open or earth covered fire pit for around 3 to 5 days. This imparts the smoky flavour that is distinctive to many mezcals and agave distillates.

Islay malt whiskies are even more renown for their smoky, peaty flavours – produced when the initially damp barley malts are dried out over fires. Traditionally, in Scotland these fires would have been made by burning local peat.

Our aim is to find the sweet spot that brings the best aspects of these two smoky legends. To match the earthy smokiness of the agave distillates with the heavier, more charcoal aspects of the Islay malt whisky casks. The result is a delicious smoky monster of a slow-sipping spirit that we hope you enjoy as much as we do. We only made so we could have some for ourselves to drink after all…